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Xinjiang ili border for bare abdomen sturgeon survival safe haven

Date: 2015-12-31

Today, reporters learned from xinjiang public security the frontier corps, a few days ago, the contingent ili border detachment love new pongsapat border police officers and soldiers in the ili river downstream successfully captured three illegal fishing personnel, in accordance with the seizure of illegal fishing in the wild carp, grass carp, bream fish, catfish, bare abdomen sturgeon fish, such as more than 200 kilograms, seize 1 a trebuchet fishing boats, electric fishing 2, powerful blow to the illegal fishing workers arrogance.
In the afternoon, the edge of the officers and soldiers received masses member alarm, according to the ili river downstream, several strangers using electric shock is sailing in the ili river fishing, fishing.After receiving the alarm, four of the officers and soldiers rushed to the ili river, the three are catching bare abdomen sturgeon suspects caught red-handed.
The bare abdomen sturgeon is a national first class protected animals, cartilage class is one of the few species, has been hailed as a "living fossil", the world only in Europe the black sea, the Caspian sea and the aral sea drainage and the ili river, maturation takes between 12 and 14 years.Can catch dozens of tons a year in the 1970 s, the ili river sturgeon, naked since the 1990 s, overfishing and neglected, bare abdomen sturgeon yields fell sharply.By 2000, the annual fishing bare abdomen sturgeon less than 20 tail.
Ili river is the largest river, xinjiang flow upstream flows through xinjiang ili region, into kazakhstan to the west, to the balkhash lake.In recent years, with the economic interests of the driver in the ili river basin using shock is rampant illegal fishing staff, this type of fishing methods cause extinction of wild fish species decreased dramatically, bare abdomen sturgeon endangered.
In order to protect the bare abdomen sturgeon, to bare abdomen sturgeon provide a safe living environment, protect the ecological environment of the ili river.In recent years, in the xinjiang frontier corps ili border detachment officers and men by increasing patrols, strong shock and awe all kinds of illegal fishing activities.At the same time, the team officers and soldiers also communicate with YuZhengChu collaborating yili prefecture's water, increase the wild bare abdomen sturgeon protection knowledge propaganda, raise the border of the rule of law consciousness.Only since 2013, the team has been carrying out naked belly sturgeon protection officers and soldiers of the propaganda of more than 30 times, knowledge of more than 600 copies of all kinds of propaganda, visit a border of more than 2000 people, in accordance with law, detained illegal fishing personnel 6, crack down on the criminals' arrogance, effectively maintain the ili river basin ecological environment.(after)