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Urumqi 33 projects open to what Including rail transit transportation etc

Date: 2015-12-31

Urumqi in 2015 as the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model pilot cities, will be put up 10 million yuan money promotion 33 social capital demonstration project, the first in the field of infrastructure and public services introduced new PPP mode.
On April 16, the reporter understands from the municipal finance bureau, the city the first 33 social capital demonstration project cooperation, a total investment of 32.33 billion yuan.Among them, the incremental projects like 21, the project total investment is 24.63 billion yuan;Stock of 12 class project, the project total investment 7.7 billion yuan.
Rail transit and urban traffic, vehicle stop protect field, water supply and drainage and pipe network, garbage disposal and sewage treatment, medical culture, health and community kindergartens, high iron comprehensive utility tunnel engineering, fort oasis development zone construction of infrastructure, agricultural products logistics distribution, vocational education, etc.The largest municipal construction projects.
At present, through public bidding, the city has identified 10 qualified consulting experience, good reputation, has the PPP project consultancy, forming agents library.
This year, our city in accordance with the requirements of the fiscal and taxation system reform, the budget management and support economic and social development of comprehensive measures, such as further promoting the PPP mode, encourage private capital to participate in infrastructure and public services in the field of investment, construction, operation, management and stimulate the private investment in energy, transform government functions.
Municipal government, the new industrial development to guide funds, guide urban development funds, science and technology innovation fund and government purchasing service, and provided special funds 10 million yuan to promote the PPP work early grants, through the financial fund policy and market guidance, perfect to market-oriented mode support mechanism to promote the development of industry.
Municipal party committee, municipal government determine pioneered in the field of public services and public infrastructure priorities part charge transparent pricing mechanism, investment is relatively large, the price adjustment mechanism flexibility, relatively high degree of marketization and needs long-term stability, has a certain cash flow to pilot project.
During the pilot of the government and social capital reasonably share the project risk, share the project proceeds, attract social capital actively involved.
Municipal party committee and municipal government issued on March 31, the promotion of government and social capital cooperation in urumqi (PPP) model of guidance ", has been clear about the promotion of the PPP model management mechanism and working principle, standardize the project management processes and rules, and the PPP projects included in the assessment of key projects in the city.
This year, the government departments at all levels will from investment approval, planning, environmental protection, government procurement, financial credit, financial subsidies, and other key aspects of support from all walks of life to participate in the capital construction and development, to establish a fair and reasonable risk-sharing mechanism, promote the project specification operation, share the project benefits.
In addition, in the autonomous region development and reform commission announced the first batch of the introduction of social capital of 53 demonstration projects, urumqi, there are seven project.