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"Area" strategy to promote xinjiang to speed up the development of Europe and Asia, the farmer's market

Date: 2015-12-31

As the curtain went up on the "area" strategy as the silk road economic belt core area, xinjiang compared with neighboring countries, has obvious advantage in agriculture, planting technology, regional agricultural cooperation in the field of space is huge.Therefore, xinjiang to speed up the development of Asian and European market, make foreign agricultural cooperation usher in the new opportunities.
In the recently held the second asem international agricultural technology, equipment, fair and the first multinational procurement of agricultural and sideline products, domestic all kinds of technology and equipment in the field of agriculture and agricultural and sideline products attracted the central Asia and Russia and other countries more than 160 foreign.Just two days, 20 Chinese and foreign enterprises to sign away $200 million, domestic companies signed a contract amount is 6.25 billion yuan.
"We sent a large delegation to attend in order to understand China's advanced agricultural technology and technical equipment, explore possible project cooperation in agriculture."The fair of Russian agricultural consulting association organization, chernoff said alexei, executive manager.
For more than $2014 in 2014 to the trade, exports of $39.1 million, imports of $729.7 million.China's export of tajikistan goods to rice, tea, milk powder, fruit, agricultural machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment is given priority to;Tajikistan commodity exports to China have cotton fiber, wool, fruit, cherries) and dried fruit, etc.
"Since 2010, the tower are the two sides signed a series of agriculture cooperation memorandum. China agricultural sectors in order to solve urgent problems, ensure food security, improve the level of residents live in tajikistan provides support."Tajikistan's vice agriculture minister ze anwar shaoxing said.
"Now is the Chinese enterprises have a chance to know us, especially in the supply of high-tech equipment, livestock project construction and other fields."Russian state duma lawmakers maxi mo says, "the current difficult economic situation more and more need the support of national import policy, agriculture will play a more important role in national development."
In this close to central Asian countries Chinese province of xinjiang, the existing enterprise first feel the strong demand.Engaged in on Russia's cross-border e-commerce xinjiang brotherhood Jackie chan, chairman of the kernel tells a reporter, in July 2014, the European Union banned pork, beef, chicken and other meat exports to Russia, and at that time, a large number of wholesalers in Russia began to search Chinese products on the Internet, search volume rising sharply.
Xinjiang famous expert in e-commerce, xinjiang university economic management college associate professor Chen bing said, after the eu sanctions demand a large part of Russia and other countries to China, take for example Tmall international, Russia and Brazil, the fastest-growing Tmall international in the Russian market share was more than the local one of the most influential platform.
Deputy director of department of commerce of xinjiang uygur autonomous region to open new Yang, in recent years, xinjiang and central Asia and surrounding countries including animal husbandry, water conservancy irrigation, pest control, and other extensive cooperation in the field of agriculture.Yang shin, with the aid of "area", many enterprises to actively go out and trade with central Asian and European countries, need to open up more platform to enhance agriculture docking and exchanges between enterprises, government agencies, security in agriculture science, practical knowledge and a wide range of information exchange process.