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China's single largest import "blood BMW" crossing by the Silk Road Huoerguosi port of entry

Date: 2015-04-11

"Tianmamonth)toacave,theDragonTigerwingbackbone.HSS Qingyun, vibration green hair, blue band entitled strange go extinct.KunLunTeng,Lifour,four leggedwithouta stumble......"Li Baisong"Tianma"described thesong"blood bmw".The 7 day,40 pieces of"blood BMW"theSilk Road city ofHuoerguosi immigrationin china.

After more than 10 hours of travel,sitting in aspecialcarriage"blood BMW"fromKazakhstan'sAla Mutu,arrived in XinjiangHuoerguosi port.This isa country so farthe largest number ofdisposableintroduceda number of "blood bmw".These Ferghana BMW18stallions and 22 mares,maximum 8 years old,the youngest 1 years old.They willenterthe animal quarantinein Huoerguosinear the portisolation fieldisolated for observationfor 45 days,toraiseis located in Urumqi City,China"blood BMW"base.

Legend Ferghana BMWsince the Han Dynastyhas two thousand years of history,itis an important witnessto the cultural exchange and trade."Blood BMW" calledakhal teke,native toCentral Asiain Turkmenistan,currently the world'sonly 3100."Blood BMW"hasstable genetic traits,allowing full,strong endurance,speed and other characteristics,at present,Chinahasmore than 400"blood BMW".

Huoerguosi portcustoms clearancein timein order to ensure thehorsesin the long-distance transport,launched the emergency plan,the opening of theEasy Access,personnel,vehicles and horsesfor quick inspection.Huoerguosi frontier inspection stationis composed of specializedduty group,in theinspectionsiteopens theentrychannelspecial,the first time forthedrivers and vehiclesforinspection.Huoerguosi Customson thepremise to guarantee thestrictsupervision,work overtimetorapid clearanceand regulatory.In order to ensurethe introduction of"blood BMW"healthy,Huoerguosi entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureauwill carry outquarantinesupervision on importedhorses.

The import ofthis batch of"blood BMW"Xinjiang Mustanggroupcompany vice president Zhang Taosaid thatthe introduction of"blood BMW" is toexpand the number ofthepopulationin China,breedinggood qualityhorses.It is understood thatbeforethe companyhas been the introduction ofthe 4 batch of"blood BMW",in Urumqi andBeijingestablished a breeding base.(the end)